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"Vena Contracta, a company continuously developing, where the pressure is the lowest and the velocity the highest!"

Vena Contracta bvba is a supplier specializing in high performance industrial valves, accessories and related products.

The products that Vena Contracta offers are used in a wide range of industrial applications, especially in the chemical and petrochemical industry.
We have many years of experience and expertise in advising customers in the selection of suitable isolation and control valves.  For specific applications, or valve problems, we search jointly with the customer for the most efficient and economical solution.
On-off valves
For manually operated and automated on-off valves you can contact FHT, Guichon Valves, IHV Behrens, OKE Armaturen, Phönix Armaturen, Sena Plastics & SNRI Malbranque.
Control valves
For control valves you can contact Guichon Valves, OKE Armaturen, Phönix Armaturen & Sena Plastics.
Valve accessories
For valve accessories you can contact IHV Behrens, Pro-Lock & Sofis.


Discover the extensive range of products from our suppliers. Each and every one of them is a company we have been working with for a long time and with a passion for their profession.


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